Calvary Gospel Tabernacle was founded in 1951 by Rev. Dexter H. & Glendoline McMahon.  The original church was located at 2408 Potomac Ave. in Bakersfield, CA.  They started out with a tent on what is now the parking lot then later built the church building.  The original church was Independent but associated with the Pentecostal Church of God organization.  The Church broadcasted thirty-minute radio programs “The Faith Hour” in the 1950s and “Gospel Echoes” in the 1960s, both on KMPC (which is now KNZR)

Rev McMahon and his wife Glendoline resigned as pastors in the late 1960s. In the 1970s the corporation was handed back to Rev. Dexter McMahon where he independently kept the corporation active.  In 2005 Rev McMahon handed the corporation to Rev. William & Sharon Underwood who with the help of The McMahons and William’s father, Joseph Underwood (original board member) & Mother Iva Underwood they revived Calvary Gospel Tabernacle as a Church again.  They began to hold services at the house of one of the new board members until 2006 when the International Pentecostal Holiness Church Golden West Conference Bishop approached Rev Underwood about joining the IPHC and moving into one of their buildings. In November of 2006, Calvary Gospel Tabernacle moved to our current location, we continue to hold Church there today.

In 2001 we began broadcasting a live feed of our services via Facebook with plans to expand.  In 2022 we launched our YouTube Channel which has edited versions of our live feed as well as some of the original “Gospel Echoes” radio broadcasts from the 1960s.


Rev. Dexter H McMahon | 1951-1968

Rev. William King | 1968-?

Rev. Obadia Kelly | 197?-197?

Rev. Dexter H McMahon | 197?-2005

Rev. William Underwood | 2005-2021

Rev. Sharon Underwood | 2021-Present